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Current Stable Version: v5.00

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Published 2020-Jul-31

This new version introduces a TON of new features since the last stable version 4.0.
  • Multiple computers can collaborate over a local area network (LAN)
  • You can sign members in and out of the task
  • Log communications and track team status
  • Updated name ("Incident Command Assistant"), logo, icon
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Improved user interface on most screens
  • A set of tutorial videos are now available here: or view here on the Support page.

Compared to the last experimental version (4.27), this release has minor bug fixes and UX improvements.
Most Recent Test Version: v5.93
This most recent version has not been tested as thoroughly as the stable version shown above. Use at your own risk (even more so that the stable version). Please do not use this version on real tasks without in-house testing.

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Published 2020-Sep-17

This version is almost entirely bug fixes. If you encounter any bugs please report them soon, as I'm trying to build confidence for a stable release - more data, even "it worked fine" is very helpful.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented custom ICP callsigns from being used by default
  • Reduced the size of the member QR codes generated by the system. This was done by compressing some data and omitting other data such as callsign and emergency contact relation. This should leave the barcode scannable when printed as small as 25mm per side. Great for sticking on the back of ID cards.
  • Fixed a bug with reflex task editing
  • Fixed some display errors on the Incident Objectives screen
  • Fixed some spacing issues impacting screens using scaling
  • Fixed the Debrief and Clue menu items on the Teams menu at the top of the main screen
  • Added an "Add a clue" button to the communications log screen
  • Added an indicator to the "Filter by Assignment Type" checkbox on the team assignment screen to show which assignment types are currently selected
  • Bulk sign in now correctly defaults to your primary sar group
  • Added a checkbox to the sign in screen to enable/disable the must be out time (thus allowing you to actually request an out time of 00:00 if you want)

This app is available free of charge for SAR members in Canada (or anywhere really). It is currently only available on Windows, and requires Adobe Reader or another PDF reader to function as intended.

If you would like to be notified automatically when new versions of the app are available, please leave your email address here. Your address will not be spammed, sold or otherwise used or abused. An email is not required for the download, just for future notifications.

Getting Started


  1. First, download the installation program found above.
  2. Once it has downloaded, unzip the contents to a location, such as your desktop or download folder
  3. Run "Setup.exe" and proceed through the various screens.
  4. When the installation is complete, you should see a shortcut on your desktop, and another in your start menu for "Incident Command Assistant". Double click on the shortcut to run the app.
  5. After your first installation, it is suggested you check for updates to the various preset assignments and reflex tasks. To do this, go to "Updates" > "Check for Data Updates" in the app.
Unknown Publisher
You may be prompted about installing an application from an "unknown publisher". There is (of course) a cost to becoming a "known publisher", and in order to keep the app free I have forgone that cost. Take my assurance for what it is worth that the app is genuine and contains no malicious code.


To update the data files within the app, click on "Updates" and "Check For Data Updates" in the menu at the top of the app. This will allow you to download any new preset assignment descriptions, reflex tasks, safety plans or incident objects which have been created recently. When updating, the system will NOT remove or change any of your existing information, it will simply add additional items as appropriate.
To update the app itself, click on "Updates" and "Check for App Updates" in the menu at the top of the app. If there is a newer version of the app available, you'll be directed to this website to download it. On some systems, you may need to uninstall the current version before installing the new one. Note that if you do, you will NOT lose any data, it is saved elsewhere and will be unaffected. Simply follow the instructions for Installation above.